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Specimen weight: 1.4 kg (3 lb).

The roach x bream hybrid grows to over five pounds. These fish are eagerly sought by anglers and are not in short supply.

Cross fertilisation between different species of fish gives rise to hybridisation. In Ireland, the main hybrids are roach x bream, and to a lesser extent, rudd x bream and rudd x roach. All these hybrid forms can develop into fertile adults producing viable eggs. The bream hybrids are well sought after angling species and are renowned for their good fighting ability when hooked. After roach, they are probably the most common fish taken in catches on most coarse waters.

Some of the best hybrids waters in Ireland: River Erne and lakes, Upper and Lower Lough Erne, River Shannon, River Suck, Loughs Derg & Ree, Shannon Erne waterway, River Inny.

Where to start your cruise: Banagher, Carrick-on-Shannon or Bellanaleck.

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