Licence For Erne

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To fish on Lough Erne you are required to buy a licence and a permit online at:

You should also read the following guidelines before you arrive:

Complete the form as follows:

Choose Combined Licence and Permit; click Next.
Choose Game or Coarse (the Lower Lough West of Tully Bay would be a Game area, the rest of Lough Erne is Coarse. Most clients just buy the Coarse licence.
Enter your date of birth (just needed to see if a Child Licence applies).
Enter the duration, start date and start time and "No" for Disabled Licence; Click Next
The next page is the Permit - yes, we know you have already given all this information, but please complete exactly the same as previous pages; Click Next
You will now be given a summary of your licence; Click "Add holder details" and complete this form. Click "Continue to shopping basket".
Check the details and Click "Continue to Payment".


For Coarse fishing, a 14-day Combined Licence and Permit is £20.00, a 3-day Combined Licence and Permit is £9.50 (two rods).
For Game fishing, a 14-day Combined Licence and Permit is £26.50 and a 3-day Combined Licence and Permit is £9.50 (one rod).
For juveniles (under 18) all licences cost £4.00.

If you need more than one licence, you will need to make multiple applications.

Alternatively, fill in the form below and we will apply on your behalf and you can collect and pay for the licence when you arrive in Bellanaleck (again, for more than one Combined Licence and Permit, use the form as many times as necessary).

Please note it is not always possible to make the application on Check-in at the Marina.

Lough Erne Fishing Licence

Your Name*
Gender* Male      Female
Confirmation Number*

Mobile Phone
Date of Birth*

Type of Licence* Coarse      Game
Licence Start Date*
Licence Start Time* (You can change this)
Duration of Licence* 3 Days     14 Days

I agree to pay all charges on arrival*