We have been asked by many people how Brexit may affect your holiday on the Shannon or Erne. For holidays on the Shannon, there is no change, especially for those of you coming from within the EU. If you are travelling from the UK, you may have some extra checks, but remember that we have always had free movement of people between the UK and Ireland. As you are tourists and not transporting goods (we hope!), you can travel freely to Ireland. You might even get to buy some duty-free!

The same applies to travel to Lough Erne (in the UK). It is likely you will still fly to Dublin and take a bus to our base in Enniskillen. There will be no restrictions on people going over the border and you will be able to proceed unhindered.

For those of you lucky enough to have booked a one-way hire between Bellanaleck and Carrick-on-Shannon we anticipate no problems at the border (you will be hard-pushed to even know when you have crossed over).

So please don’t let the uncertainty stop you from renting a boat on the Shannon or Erne and coming to the nicest, most natural and peaceful boating holiday ever!