Virtual Reality

More Boats

Yes, we have Virtual Reality tours of all our boats! You will need a web-enabled mobile phone and viewing goggles.


From this page, go back to the list of boats and select the boat you wish to view. Click on the red button "360 Degree Tour". Then click on the blue button Start 360º Tour. A new window will open inside the boat, looking like this:

Click on the goggle symbol - you will now see this:

It's hard to see, but click on the white goggles. You now see the split screen and it's time to put your phone in the VR holder (e.g. Google Cardboard)

Now you see a split screen, but only one when you put on the goggles. By moving your head, you can look up, down around the boat. To move to another room, move the little cross (red circle) and hold it on top of the star (green circle) for a couple of seconds. You will then move into the next room (and hopefully out again!)

You will need to adjust the settings on your phone to stop it going to sleep too soon. Enjoy!