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Cruise Ireland with Carrickcraft

Cruise Ireland

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  • Deirdre Macklin

    It was a most relaxing holiday-a little hidden paradise and only an hour's drive from home! I could have stayed another week and am already looking...

  • Richard McCaw

    As our first time we would definitely sail again perhaps slightly bigger boat. Wonderful relaxing experience. Staff were very pleasant and helpful.

  • Colm Brennan

    This was our first time on a boating holiday and we were apprehensive enough. From booking it with Wendy, through check in and check out with Padraig it...

  • Pat Hall

    Yes it was our first time cruise 5 of us pick a differnt spot in ireland every year couple of us were.nt sure but from start to finish it was one of the...


Preparing for your voyage
You will already have undertaken some preparation for your holiday yourself and the following information is offered to assist in organising your cruise and may help answer some of the questions you may have, in particular about what will be supplied and what you need to bring.

Equipment supplied on the cruiser
Cooking utensils are basic but include three different sized pots, a frying pan, casserole dish, chopping board, colander and kettle, teapot and coffee cafetiere.
A set of cutlery, crockery and a glass for each berth is supplied as is sugar and salad bowls, vegetable knife, tin opener, corkscrew, bread knife, wooden spoon and water jug. You can also request additional items such as eggcups, serving tray, butter dish and salt & pepper containers from our storerooms on the day of your arrival. If there are other items you need we will try to provide them if requested in enough time before you arrive.

On board
Each galley has an electric fridge, 3 or 4 burner hob and oven/grill. Other services on board include flushing toilet, hot/cold shower/s and hot air central heating. Each berth has a single duvet with cover, pillow with cover, bottom sheet and a blanket as well as a hand towel. Double berths have two single duvets etc. Additional towels, including bath towels, blankets and pillows can be supplied at the cost of cleaning same - these can be requested in advance if you wish to have them on board when you arrive otherwise ask at the marina after checking in.
Most cruisers have a radio/cassette player except for the Wexford, Waterford and some of the Kilkennys, which have radio/cd players. There is a 12v power outlet socket for charging and powering mobile phones, laptops and camcorders. This is similar to the cigar socket found in cars and you should bring your 12v charger/power source with you although there is a range of mobile chargers for sale at the Marina Offices.

Extras which can be supplied, rented or purchased
As customer satisfaction is our aim we will endeavour to comply with any reasonable request for additional equipment or extras where possible, especially when given advance warning. Included among other things are trans-shave units for people with electric shavers and anchors for fishing dinghies.
Bicycles are available at the marinas but it is important to order and pay for them in advance especially during July & August as sometimes demand is greater than supply.
A 10ft dinghy is supplied as standard but an Outboard Motor can be rented with Larger Dinghies (12 and 14 ft). Again pre-booking is advised.

We have a limited amount of DVD/TV PLAYERS available for rent (Price on application). Due to the nature of the equipment and the environment we cannot guarantee supply and pre-booking is important. You can either bring your own discs with you or we can help arrange rental from local Video Shops for you. These players are also TV receivers and can be tuned in to get the various TV stations available in Ireland but may need to be re-tuned if moving to different areas on the waterway.
Important note: They are rented as DVD players not as TV receivers.

Carrickcraft also have a range of branded goods available for sale at the Marinas including torches, novelty mugs, alarm clocks, fishing kits, postcards, basic wet gear, a small range of clothing and canvas deck shoes to cater for the needs of our customers.