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Holiday Cancellations From Shannon


We are constantly keeping up to date with the latest restrictions and news regarding travel. When booking with Carrickcraft, have confidence that we are offering a free holiday cancellations from Shannon.


We are also closely monitoring Shannon Airport and Dublin Airport to check for updates regarding travel restructions etc.


Update 15/06/20:

It has been confirmed by the Stormont Executive that Lough Erne will open on the 26th June.

Update 26/05/20:

We will be opening our base at Enniskillen on the 26th June with a limited fleet initially but fully operational for the July holidays. Book online.

Update 05/05/20:

Following the publication of the Roadmap for the easing of restrictions, it looks very likely that we will be open for business on the 20th July. We are looking forward to welcoming customers old and new - those of you who have been before will appreciate that you are very much on your own when you are on the boat and you will not meet many other people. We will adopt strict social distancing procedures and cleaning procedures at the marinas and, if you are travelling to us by car, we recommend that you bring your own bedding and towels. It is great to be able to look forward again to cruising on the Shannon and Erne.

Update 14/04/20:

Ireland is now on lockdown until the 5th of May. This does not change our hope that we may be open again in June. The date in France is the 3rd of May and in the UK it is the 7th of May. Some airlines have said they will start flying again on the 17th of June. We wait for further guidance.

Update 03/04/20:

We now think it is extremely unlikely that we will be operating before the start of June, so we will be contacting customers to rearrange May bookings to later in the year. The figures for Coronavirus worldwide continue to be terrible, but it seems that the lockdown is working and we look forward to being allowed back to work.

Update 27/03/20:

The advice now is to not leave your home unless absolutely necessary and certainly not to go on holiday. So the marinas are in lockdown and the boats are moored up for the time being. Rest assured that as soon as we are allowed, we will be back to normal service, but we do not anticipate that it will be any earlier than departures on Saturday the 25th of April.

Update 17/03/20:

The Coronavirus crisis is causing restrictions worldwide, particularly to international travel. The effects are hitting us and the entire tourism industry hard. Nevertheless, we want to find a good solution together with you, our guests. At this stage we do not know much beyond a couple of weeks what governments worldwide will do. As it stands, the EU have closed the borders to international travellers, but from what we can see, Irish people would be allowed to travel to the Shannon and take a boat out on the river. You will only meet a receptionist and your demonstrator. If you are affected by the virus, we have updated our policy.

The following rules currently apply to your holiday booking:

  • In accordance with our terms and conditions, we usually make a charge to change a booking. We are now refraining from this regulation due to the Coronavirus crisis. You can change your planned boating holiday to another date in 2020 or even 2021 at any time free of charge if your trip becomes impossible due to the Coronavirus. Your deposit will then count towards the new booking.
  • Rebookings due to the Coronavirus are possible up to 48 hours before the scheduled boat pickup.
  • There are no rebooking costs for you. However, if a higher boat rental arises due to a rebooking, we will charge you the corresponding difference.
  • This policy initially applies to holidays starting up to and including May 30, 2020.
  • For cancellations that are not related to the Coronavirus, our usual terms and conditions apply.

We all hope that this crisis will pass quickly and that you can then enjoy your holiday on the Shannon and Erne.

If you have any questions about rebooking, please contact us at +44 (0) 28 3834 4993 or +353 (0) 1 278 1666 or by email .


Update 10/03/20:

In recent weeks, the Coronavirus has dominated the international headlines. At present, there are many cases of infection reported in several parts of Europe, including Ireland. Our company is strictly following the recommendations of the health authorities and is closely monitoring the development of the situation in order to adapt our procedures immediately. At this stage, there are no specific recommendations for the population apart from the measures that are also in place for seasonal influenza (such as coughing in the elbows, adherence to hand hygiene, use of disposable wipes, etc.). Please be assured that the safety and health of our guests, employees and partners is our highest priority. In the current situation, a boating holiday on the Shannon or Erne is probably one of the safest ways to travel: you are out on the river away from big cities, you can take care of yourself on a fully equipped boat and you may be able to drive in your own car and are therefore generally not exposed to any risks – at least not greater than in your living room at home.

What do Carrickcraft do to prevent infection of guests?

We thoroughly clean and disinfect our houseboats – as always. In order to enjoy your boating holiday to the fullest and to avoid a potential infection, the World Health Organization recommends the following behaviour:

  • Take disinfectants with you (wipes and/or sprays for public areas, gel for the hands)
  • Wash hands frequently and thoroughly
  • Regular disinfection of the hands
  • Avoid handshakes
  • Observe sneezing and coughing hygiene

I’m not comfortable with the idea of traveling. Coronavirus is very dangerous, isn’t it?

The virus poses a particular risk to the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions. For general information about the virus we recommend the Q&A from the World Health Organization: Click here

This states: ” While we are still learning about how COVID-2019 affects people, older persons and persons with pre-existing medical conditions (such as high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease, cancer or diabetes) appear to develop serious illness more often than others.”

Where can I get reliable information on affected areas?

With regard to reliable information, we would ask you to always follow the reports of your home country Foreign Office or Health Authorities, not online articles or (false) information and rumours from social networks.

Comprehensive and up-to-date information on the Coronavirus can be found on the website of the World Health Organization: Click here

How does Carrickcraft protect its employees?

So far we are not aware of any cases of illness or suspected cases. We closely follow the recommendations of the health authorities and the development of the situation in order to adapt our procedures if necessary. We strictly adhere to sanitary standards that comply with the applicable regulations. The cleaning procedures applied are regularly reviewed. The usual hygiene measures (washing hands, surface cleaning) are effective. Preventive measures, which also exist in the case of seasonal flu (such as coughing in the elbows, adherence to hand hygiene, use of disposable cloths, etc.) are advised. As far as travel is concerned, all employees have been asked to make only those trips that are absolutely necessary. Rest assured that the safety and health of our customers, employees and partners is our highest priority.

I would like to cook my own meals on board. Is there a risk of infection with the virus via imported food or objects?

An infection via imported goods is very unlikely, as contamination has taken place beforehand and the virus would still have to be active after the long transport route. It is not known whether the Coronavirus remains infectious for several days in liquid or dried material. The World Health Organization is not yet aware of any infections caused by imported objects or food. According to the current state of knowledge, transmission occurs via droplet infection.

What happens if an infection with the Coronavirus is suspected at the local Carrickcraft office?

At each base there are established procedures and reporting channels for what to do if certain infectious diseases occur. These are then immediately put into effect.

What special measures would be taken on the boats?

If a case of Coronavirus is detected, a special cleaning programme is immediately implemented in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities. As far as accommodation is concerned, the boat will be completely disinfected. We will follow the guidelines of the health authorities.

I am afraid of the Coronavirus and I am hesitant to go on the holiday I booked. Can I cancel free of charge?

No. As long as there is no risk of contamination, fear alone is not a reason for free cancellation. Please see our Booking Conditions 2020 for cancellation conditions.

If I am from a district in a “red zone” and the government imposes limited mobility, can I get a free cancellation of my booking?

Carrickcraft offers free rebooking for all justified reasons that apply when a customer is excluded from travel due to a government decision related to the Coronavirus for cruises until the end of March 2020.

My balance is due. Do I have to pay it?

Normally, your balance is due 6 weeks before departure. We understand that you may be reluctant to pay the balance when you don't know if you will be able to travel to Ireland. You can change the booking to a later date in 2020 and of course then the balance due will be later as well.
If you want to keep the departure date, then the balance will be due on the original date. But then you can still carry the full amount forward if you need to change to a later date in 2020.

Where can I get more information on my questions regarding the Coronavirus in connection with Carrickcraft?

If you have any questions regarding rebooking, please contact the regular Carrickcraft contact number: +44 (0)28 3834 4993 or +353 (0) 1 278 1666.