Worried About Brexit?

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We understand that you may be worried that Brexit may affect your boating holiday in Ireland.

If you are coming to the Shannon, your entire holiday will be in Ireland and as long as you can get to Dublin Airport, there will be no further interruptions.

If you are coming to Lough Erne, we already recommend that you fly to Dublin and we do not see any problems for people or their luggage crossing the border between Cavan and Fermanagh.

If you are planning a one-way hire between Carrick and Bellanaleck, again there will be no problems for people or luggage crossing the border. The boat belongs to us and as it is not being exported, there will be free travel. Any of you who have already passed along the Shannon-Erne Waterway will know that there is no physical evidence of a border anyway.

100% Guarantee

But to put your mind at rest, if you cannot complete your holiday because of Brexit, we will refund 100% of the cruiser cost. We are completely certain that there will be no interruption to boat traffic across the border.

And please do consider coming to Lough Erne - it is beautiful and unspoilt and because of the weakness of sterling, everything is much better value.