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Items to bring with you
We have a few suggestions of items which you should bring with you, but remember that you will need different things for different times of year - in spring and autumn, it can be cold and wet (it is Ireland, after all!) and in summer it can be very warm.

First Aid Kit
As regulations make it difficult for us to provide a comprehensive first-aid kit we recommend that you bring a range of plasters, bandages, antiseptic cream and pain relief. There are Pharmacies in some of the towns on the Waterway but if you are taking prescribed medication it is advised that you bring a supply to last the duration of your holiday. If you are flying it is advised that you take the normal precautions and pack a small bag with all your important items in case your luggage gets misplaced.

Sunglasses and sun-cream are important items to bring, as there is quite a strong glare from the water, and the white decks of the boat, even on dull days. A baseball-type cap is also useful.
A torch is useful to have on the darker nights at some of the more remote locations when enjoying a walk on shore.
Some of our regular clients bring a hand-held compass and no doubt it is a useful item on the lakes, although not essential, but only if you are familiar with using one.
Binoculars are essential, however, to see the navigation markers on the lakes but we supply a self-focusing pair of binoculars to each Captain. We also provide a detailed chart of the Waterway.

Mobile Phone
A mobile phone is very useful if you need to contact the marina or book restaurants. Also, many Smart Phones have a map facility which, while not necessary, can be interesting. And don't forget a car-type charger with a cigarette-lighter attachment.

Recommended clothing
The Irish weather can be unpredictable so the safest option is to bring a variety of summer clothing, warm jumpers and rainproof gear with you. Jetties and cruiser decks can be very slippery in wet weather so non-slip footwear is a must to avoid unnecessary accidents. For evenings out in the many pubs and restaurants along the waterway bring smart, casual clothing. If possible bring large/bath towels as these are only supplied as extras at the Marina.

On-board storage
As space is limited on a cruiser we will store your suitcases and non-essentials at the marina and they can be collected on your return.