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Online Tutorial
We require every crew member & captain to complete our online tutorial to ensure you understand cruising on the River Shannon or Erne. At the end of each chapter is a simple test - bring along your test results and you can avoid some of the instruction at the marina. You can find the tutorial at: Online Tutorial.

After the navigation class you will then be given a practical demonstration of the cruiser's equipment and taken out on the water and given tuition in how to handle the cruiser. This 'test run' will last as long as you require and until you are comfortable and satisfied that you can handle the cruiser.

Teamwork and routines
Managing a cruiser successfully requires teamwork and it is best to allocate specific tasks to each member of the crew before setting off so that everyone is involved in the day-to-day running of the cruiser. Before setting off it is important that everybody knows what they are doing and has attended the navigation class.

Daily maintenance - Fresh water supply
Water is constantly being used on the cruiser and must be replenished daily in order that you do not run out. One crew member should be responsible for filling the tank each day. Water is available at most mooring places free of charge.

The weed filter
The cooling water for the engine is drawn from the river through a filter and exits out the exhaust pipe. If the filter should block with weed the water will stop flowing from the exhaust and the filter will need cleaning. If this happens phone the Marina for advice and/or assistance.

Electrical/battery power
The batteries supplying the electrical power must be recharged each day and this means running the engine for at least 2 hours every day.

At the start of your voyage the cruiser will have a full tank of diesel fuel. The Waterford, Clare, Kilkenny, Wexford and Carlow Classes have sufficient fuel to last 2 weeks normally (about 60 hours driving) and can only be re-fuelled at a Carrickcraft base. The locations of diesel fuel stations are shown on the Navigation Charts.

Please note that fuel may not always be available on Sundays as many businesses, including Carrickcraft, have restricted opening hours.