The Irish Experience

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Cruising along the majestic waters of the Shannon and the Erne as they slowly meander their way through Irelands rich countryside, is an ideal way to sample the laid back way of life which is synonymous with rural Ireland. The many small Villages and Towns nestling along the banks offer a world of tradition and culture, a heritage which is uniquely Irish.Enniskillen Castle

Mallard Duck

The welcome extended to visitors is truly world famous - you will find the warmth of the Irish second to none. Even within the smallest of Irish villages, you will find plenty in the way of entertainment.The local pubs are the center of social activities with a friendly atmosphere, traditional music, free flowing conversation and a sip or two of the celebrated "black stuff".

For the nature enthusiasts, the clear waters and unspoilt hinterland offer a natural paradise.

Sunset at Rossclare Jetty, Lower Lough ErneDraped in beauty, peace and tranquility the surrounding area is lined with scenic delights. The natural forest areas are ideal for leisurely picnics and gentle walking excursions. Cycling excursions further inland are a great way to explore the heart of the Irish countryside.

Jasons Walk, Lower Lough Erne

You don't have to go far to find signs of earlier civilisations, for the region is steeped in heritage from the Prehistoric, Early Christian and Mediaeval ages. One of the Worlds' most famous monastic sites, Clonmacnoise, is to be found along the banks of the River Shannon. Clonmacnoise dates back to 548 A.D, and is the resting place of Ireland's last High King - Rory O'Connor.Kilkenny Class cruiser on the Boyle River

The waterways are teeming with fish and the visiting angler will enjoy a quality of fishing which is unique to Ireland. Golfing is another sporting activity which is much enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. The region boasts many fine quality courses, each offering their own unique scenic backdrop and challenging design and a cruiser provides the ideal mobile base!