New to cruising

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What will I experience?

In Ireland and Northern Ireland there is no licence requirement for cruising, and anyone 21 years or over can hire a cruiser. The rivers and lakes of the Shannon and Erne are a wonderful area for quiet relaxation. The real enjoyment of the holiday is in gently exploring this unique waterway, watching the wildlife and the endlessly changing river and landscapes. For those who are new to cruising, it is certainly an experience you won't want to miss.

Is it right for me?

Although cruising is extremely relaxing, it is essentially an activity holiday, which assumes a small but reasonable level of fitness from at least two crew members. Navigation and routine maintenance are two essential areas where responsibility must be assigned.

Where should I go and what boat should I book?

This is a question we are asked a lot. Use our Holiday Finder to answer a few simple questions and we will recommend the ideal boat for you and your friends and family.

How will I navigate?

Our bespoke Navigation Guide makes navigation easy if you follow our simple rules.

Navigation on the Shannon, Erne and Shannon / Erne Waterway is very simple. Prior to your arrival, you will be given a Holiday Planner containing essential information on cruising the waterways and on arrival at the marina you will be given a detailed Navigation Chart of the Shannon and Erne Waterways. So long as you learn the simple rules of navigation and follow our charts and maps you will find the rivers and lakes perfectly safe for people who have not experienced a cruising holiday before.

You should also complete the Boat Craft Tutorials on this site before arriving at the marina. They contain a lot of very useful information on navigation and boat maintenance and are great fun too!

How will I control the boat?

All hirers are required to have a period of classroom instruction during which time information will be given on the routine maintenance, basic navigation and safety procedures. This tuition is provided at set times which will be advised to you on arrival at the Marina.

You will also receive a demonstration by an instructor on your own craft. You will have the opportunity to take control of the cruiser as required.

Check out our FAQ Section for more information.